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Provides an accurate, reliable, and cost effective width and centerline measurement solution for cold mills and process lines.

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  • Stereoscopic and non-contact material width measurements
  • Accurately locate the position of the edge, regardless of pass line variations
  • LED front light illumination provides long life, reliable performance and minimal maintenance
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Compact design to fit into tight spaces
  • Quick ROI
Main Benefits
  • Contains an LED front light

    LED light
  • Easy low cost installation: only small envelope of space needed
  • Built in environmental counter measures
  • Calibration, easy to perform, traceable
  • Superior accuracy, repeatability and linearity
  • Low price, quick delivery
  • Built in Java based maintenance interface package
  • Remote / VPN diagnostics assistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick ROI
  • Service and support backed up by a group of more than 15 expert field service
    specialists and engineers
Strip Width Measurement

Continuous development has kept the KELK ACCUBAND ahead of all competitors, and makes it the best value in width measurement.

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Originally, width gauges were typically positioned at the exit of the finishing train and mounted in a house for protection against the hot mill environment, and to permit easy access for frequent, routine maintenance.

Today, there is a much wider range of applications for width gauges in Hot Strip Mills:
  • at rougher entry and exit for Automatic Width Control (AWC)
  • at rougher exit for camber measurement
  • at crop shear entry for Crop Optimization at finishing train entry for strip steering
  • in between finishing stands for Automatic Gage Control (AGC)*
  • at finisher exit for correlation
  • at coiler entry to confirm width coiled

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There are many width gauge suppliers around the world whose products can be used in the least demanding of these applications, but only the KELK ACCUBAND Strip Width Gauge has proven superior in all of them.

The ACCUBAND stereoscopic width gauge has special features developed by KELK to enable it to outperform all other gauges in the most demanding HSM environments. It can:
  • Withstand the shock of working directly on a roughing stand
  • Keep itself clean for long periods of time without routine maintenance
  • Measure without backlighting at lower strip temperatures than any other gauge
  • Detect strip edges despite the presence of steam and spray
  • Be calibrated online using a dynamic calibrator traceable to NIST

Some KELK innovations - such as the KELK Air Nozzle introduced in 1982 - are now being widely copied by other width gauge manufacturers, but no one has ever been able to duplicate ACCUBAND performance. In direct comparison tests no other gauge has ever been proven to measure moving strip more accurately. And no other gauges have worked as long as ACCUBAND without becoming obsolete.

Continuous development has kept the KELK ACCUBAND ahead of all competitors, and makes it the best value in width measurement.


Applications include:

  • Cold Strip Mills
  • Temper Mills
  • Rewinders
  • Slab sorting operations
  • Plate finishing areas
  • Side trimmers
  • Process lines

For Hot Mills, KELK ACCUBAND Strip Width Gauges are available in both infrared sensing (most Hot Strip Mill applications) and backlit (coiler entry) models.

Single camera gauges are also available for applications in which stereoscopic measurement is not required, such as slab width and thickness measurement, strip steering, and simple camber determination.

Because ACCUBAND Strip Width Gauges are able to keep themselves clean, it is not necessary to locate them in a gauge house. They can be mounted on fixed stands or cantilevered over the strip using a post and beam arrangement.

For 'cold' applications, single camera, dual camera monoscopic, and dual camera stereoscopic ACCUBAND models are available, with either front lighting or back lighting to suit each individual installation.

Camber measurements in either hot or cold operations can be made with either a dedicated KELK Camber Gauge, or a combination of KELK ACCUBAND gauges in a custom configuration.

Whatever the requirement, KELK application specialists will work with the customer to determine the best width or camber measurement solution, options, and mounting arrangement for each application. A full documentation package, including detailed installation drawings, will be provided for consideration.

Long term service contracts are available both directly from KELK and from KELK agents.

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