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ACCUSCAN Hot Metal Detector

metal detection application info image

Hot metal detectors (HMDs) are used in many different applications throughout the metals rolling process, for target detection, tracking and length and/or velocity determination.

They are also an essential component of cut-to-length systems and crop optimization.

Traditional hot metal detectors - fixed spot or scanning - are not suitable for applications such as cut-to-length or crop optimization because they are too imprecise for these high accuracy applications, and because they are rarely rugged enough to survive harsh hot rolling environments.

The KELK ACCUSCAN Hot Metal Detector was developed to provide users with a higher accuracy, faster response, and more rugged HMD that could outperform any other HMDs from as far away as 5000 mm from a slab, plate or strip. With no moving parts, built-in laser alignment and a wide range of field of view options, it is also the easiest both to apply and to maintain.

With a water-cooled and air-purged enclosure, the ACCUSCAN HMD is ideal for all hot rolling applications, but can also be used with an optional backlight in cold rolling applications.