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ACCUSPEED Laser Velocimeter

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Because of the increasing need for extremely high accuracy it has become desirable to apply laser based velocimeters throughout the metals rolling process to measure both speed and length.

However, as a class, traditional Laser Doppler Velocimeters (LDVs) have not been universally successful because of factors including:

  • Good accuracy at high target speeds but poor accuracy at low target speeds
  • Succeptibility to physical damage due to mounting too close to moving strip
  • Overheating in inhospitable mill environments
  • Inability to measure low reflectance targets
  • Poor length accuracy for long strips


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The KELK ACCUSPEED Laser Velocimeter was designed and developed specifically to outperform all other laser speed and length measuring devices in the most difficult mill applications. Using new technology developed by KELK physicists, ACCUSPEED delivers both speed and length measuring performance well beyond anything available elsewhere. With the highest speed measuring accuracy (constant at all speeds), the highest available standoff distance, the ability to measure low reflectance targets, length measuring accuracy that sets a new standard in the industry, and an integrated water-cooled enclosure for protection in the worst environments, ACCUSPEED is the ideal choice in casters, hot and cold stripmills, tube mills, bar mills, section mills, plate mills, and processing lines, as well as in other industrial applications outside metals rolling.

ACCUSPEED offers better:
  • Speed measurement for Mass Flow Automatic Gage Control
  • Length measurement for Quality Verification
  • Differential speed measurement for Elongation Control
  • Transfer bar tracking for Crop Optimization
  • Flaw tracking for Surface Inspection
  • Speed tracking for Automatic Width Control
  • Length measurement for Cut-to-Length Control

Two basic configurations of the ACCUSPEED Laser Velocimeter are available, each with a choiceof 6 standoff distances. This allows users to select the best mounting arrangement foreach application.

'A' model ACCUSPEEDs are designed for above the strip mounting, but can also be used to the side of slabs or underneath strips wherever space allows.
'B' model ACCUSPEEDs incorporate an optical periscope to allow use in confined-space applications above or below the strip, as well as inside the C-frames of thickness gages.

KELK application specialists will consult with the customer to determine the best model and standoff distance for each application, and will prepare a detailed installation drawing - free of charge - showing the recommended mounting arrangement as well as any supplementary system components (available from KELK) such as air nozzles that may be required.

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