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KELK Offers a Complete Line of Tension Measuring Equipment to Suit All Roll Mill Applications

KELK tensiometers measure strip tension by sensing components of forces exerted on a dynamically balanced
sensing roll over which the strip is pulled, using purpose designed load cells at or under the ends of the sensing

For high tension applications such as Tandem Cold Mills, KELK offers Tensiometer Load Cell Assemblies in
single or dual range. Containing special hermetically sealed and temperature compensated Tensiometer Load
Cells, these Assemblies can withstand overloads of more than 20 times normal load and are immune both to
leakage and to the errors from side forces and from temperature gradients that plague competitive

Strain Extensometers


KELK Strain Extensometers

For lower tension applications, such as Processing Lines - as well as some single stand mills - KELK offers a
wide range of Monobloc Tensiometer Transducers; one piece, hermetically sealed and exceptionally strong
load cells that measure tension components either normal to, or parallel to, their mounting surface.

In Hot Strip Mills KELK offers Looper Load Cell Assemblies dimensioned to integrate into existing looper arms.
These Assemblies contain special Load Cells as well as additional sensors to measure looper angle and looper
acceleration in applications which require the derivation of strip tension for the mill control system.

The accurate derivation of strip tension requires either knowledge or control of the entry and exit
angles of the strip as it is pulled over the sensing roll. In some mills and processing lines these
angles are fixed by secondary idler or damming rolls, while in others they may vary during
measurement, requiring electronic compensation.

Working from mill drawings and a thorough understanding of each application KELK application
specialists will determine the best tension measurement solution and prepare a detailed installation
drawing - free of charge - for the customer to consider. Included will be whatever frames, brackets,
sensing rolls, supplementary rolls, bearings, etc. that may be required. Such items may be obtained
locally by the customer but are also available from KELK together with the main Tensiometer
equipment and associated electronics.

In some cases older, existing tensiometer components such as rolls and bearings may be reusable.
KELK engineers can customize the dimensions of the new KELK equipment to suit. They can also
supply special high overload KELK Load Cells as direct bolt-in replacements for the weaker load cells
used in some older competitive tensiometer designs.