KELK Introduces New ACCUBAND Strip Width Gage for Cold Rolling Steel Mills and Processing Lines

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Mon, 01/06/2020 - 09:01

The ACCUBAND C775-FF provides steel mill operators with continuous, stereoscopic, non-contact material width measurements in cold rolling mills and process lines. The width gage includes four CCD cameras, arranged in fixed pairs, to scan steel strips at a rate of 1,000 scans per second in order to accurately locate the position of the edge, regardless of pass line variations. The edge data is then combined with the camera separation distance, obtained during calibration, resulting in accurate strip width and centerline deviation.

The compact design of the ACCUBAND C775-FF allows the width gage to be installed in tight spaces while still providing one of the most accurate measurements in the industry (±0.4 mm at 2 sigma). In addition, integrated LED front light illumination provides long life, reliable performance, and minimal maintenance.

“For decades, KELK has deployed optical system technologies for hot rolling mills, with hundreds of installations around the globe,” said Hiro Kitagawa, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, KELK. “Our design and engineering teams have now leveraged this intellectual property to develop highly-accurate and advanced sensors for cold rolling mills and processing lines.”

The new ACCUBAND C775-FF joins KELK’s current model ACCUBAND C765-F cold width gage and ACCUSPEED Laser Velocimeters, to provide additional solutions for cold rolling mills and process lines. Movable cameras on model C765-F automatically position themselves over the edges of the strip, based on the nominal width input, to provide accurate width measurements, whereas cameras on the new model C775-FF are pre-positioned, making the system more compact, to fit into tight spaces, and easy to maintain, by eliminating moving mechanical parts.

In addition to Cold Strip Mills and Process Lines (including Galvanizing and Pickling Lines), other specific applications for the ACCUBAND C775-FF include Tension Levelers, Side Trimmers (Entry and Exit), Tandem Mill Exits, Temper Mills, and Slitters/Rewinders.

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