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ROLLMAX Fluid Pressure (FPTs)
Fluid Pressure
Fluid Pressure Transducers (FPTs) are used in large quantities in and around all types of rolling mills

However, the FPTs used to track changes in hydraulic cylinder pressure in hydraulically actuated mill stands are critical:

If any of these fail, the entire rolling operation must stop, and remain stopped until the FPT is replaced and the spilled hydraulic fluid - sometimes very flammable - is cleaned up. Unfortunately catastrophic failure of ordinary FPTs is quite common, as they typically feature a flimsy construction and are weakened whenever they are opened in order to adjust their internal electronics.

KELK Fluid Pressure Transducers are the most rugged FPTs available anywhere, so strong that they carry the KELK 5 year Rollmax guarantee. And KELK FPTs use the same external electronic systems as KELK Load Cells and Tensiometers. That means they never have to be opened once in service, and users can stock common spares.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Application Info

ROLLMAX FPT 5 Year Warranty

KELK Fluid Pressure Transducers (FPTs) have proven to be so rugged and reliable that they can be offered with an incredible - and unique - guarantee.

The Rollmax Warranty protects KELK users not only against defects in workmanship or material but against failure of any kind, however caused, for a period of 5 years!

This means that customers that upgrade to KELK FPTs from lesser products can easily calculate the savings that will accrue over the next 5 years - their cost for replacements and repairs is guaranteed to be reduced to zero!

KELK Fluid Pressure Transducers (FPTs) are typically chosen for installation in or near mill hydraulic cylinders and so are offered in pressure ranges suitable for such applications.

Two models are available for FPTs:

  • Threaded
  • Flanged

Cable outlets can be either in line with the FPT at 90 degrees to it, to suit space limitations.

KELK application specialists can recommend the best FPT models for each application, as well as appropriate electronics.


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